The benefits are endless. The WeStrive platform will completely transform how you run your training business.

Program-Creation: This entry system will save you countless hours every single day. No more writing programs on paper or in Excel, your fitness programs are now in an organized & easy-to-use dashboard. If a client wants a weight-loss program, simply attach that program to their profile..that’s it!

Client Dashboard: Want all the information of your in-person & online clients in one place? Done! Through WeStrive, your client’s weightlifting progression, bodyweight, progress photos, nutritional info, and more are tracked all in one place.

Billing: We handle all billing for you…all of it! You can charge clients whatever you want and whenever you want. Most clients are put on a monthly subscription but if you want to charge for a 20-day cardio plan then simply just send an invoice through the platform and that’s it!

Social: We are the only private training app that allows trainers and exercisers to truly connect. Our WeStrive mobile app allows you to comment on social walls, message back & forth, follow each other, and potentially convert exercisers into clients. Exercisers can apply to work with trainers from the mobile app or website.

Web & Mobile: A lot of other fitness web platforms don’t offer a functional mobile app…we think that’s crazy. Why shouldn’t you be able to interact and train clients from your computer AND phone? Well, now you can. Programs sent to clients can be viewed from web, PDF, or the mobile app.

Marketplace: The WeStrive marketplace is the only one of it’s kind. Nowhere else on Earth can a certified personal trainer sell as many fitness programs they want and get paid for it!

Client Retention: Clients who have a reliable website, mobile app, and billing system are way more likely to stay with you over time. Texting workout programs and random payment systems are not a great way to maintain a relationship.

Growth & Scalability: Clients are easily stored and organized by name and whether or not they are online or in-person. With all the above features, you can easily grow & maintain your client base.

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