As a trainer through WeStrive, you can make an income three different ways:

1) WeStrive Private Training: WeStrive offers the best online private training platform in the fitness industry. Private Training allows you to work 1-on-1 with as many clients, online or in-person, as you like! We offer beautiful and easy-to-use program creation tools, a nutrition plan uploader, in-depth client profiles & progression tracking, full web/mobile integration, and the best part, we handle billing. After you pay the subscription fee, everything you make (minus processing/transaction fees) is yours! You can even skip the transaction fees and just bill them on your own, it's totally up to you. You can charge as many clients as you want, whatever & whenever you want!

2) WeStrive Fitness Program Marketplace: WeStrive has created the first-ever marketplace for any certified personal trainer to sell their fitness plans. Our marketplace allows you to upload any of your fitness programs with our incredibly easy and efficient program-entry system and sell them on our marketplace. Programs on the marketplace will appear in the search results for exercisers around the world. For example, if you upload a 6-day Bodybuilding program and an exerciser in New York is looking for that same program, they might find your program and purchase it! It’s as easy as that. You don’t need to work with or contact the exerciser. Additionally, you can promote programs to potential clients, friends, and family in order to generate sales. As a trainer, you earn 60% of whatever is sold on the marketplace. (check out the breakdown of funds from your program here). All you have to do is building your program and the app will handle ensuring your program is searchable and payment when an exerciser decides to buy it.

The best part? If an exerciser likes your program, they have the ability to apply to train privately with you in the app...which leads to part 2 of the revenue stream below.

3) WeStrive Referral Program: WeStrive wants you to make as much money as possible...and we also want as many trainers as possible to join WeStrive, so we figured...why not team up?

WeStrive starts by paying you 10% of the subscription of every trainer you refer month-by-month. That percentage will increase over time as you add more trainers.

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