As an exerciser on the WeStrive App, you are accessing a social platform that services all your fitness needs.

There are 3 ways you can workout using WeStrive:

1. Discover thousands of programs on the marketplace

2. Work privately with one of our hundreds of certified trainers

3. Records your workouts & records with our free tools

The WeStrive App contains dozens of features that were all designed to make sure that you have an incredible experience and workout. Simply head to the Train button to start following a program, work with your trainer, or add your own workout.

Here are the 5 tabs you'll see as a part of the App

Home Tab:

  • Post on our social wall
  • Track notifications
  • Search for trainers or other exercisers
  • Send messages to other users
  • Find featured programs

Discover Tab:

  • Discover, filter, preview, and purchase fitness plans from hundreds of certified personal trainers
  • Discover hundreds of certified personal trainers
  • View featured/top programs

Train Tab:

  • If you don't have a trainer, filter through hundreds of trainers and find 'My Trainer'
  • Follow any programs that you've downloaded from the marketplace
  • Follow your own workouts through the 'own' tab

Progress Tab:

  • Record all of your workouts into your personal journal tab, for free
  • Track your progress/growth on specific exercises or goals with our records section

Profile Tab:

  • Edit/update your WeStrive social profile
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