Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way that will help you sell your marketplace program:

  1. Use a photo for your program’s cover that matches what you are selling. Transformation photos are always compelling.
  2. Same goes for your title. Use a title that is explicit about the type of training program you are providing.
  3. Use the notes section to your advantage. Add in as much detail for your customers so they are crystal clear on when/how/what you want them to do.
  4. Let your customer know what equipment (if any) they will need to complete your program. If all of your exercises are bodyweight exercises or there is no gym equipment needed let your customers know that. It could be a selling point.
  5. Give your customers the ability to contact you via the WeStive inbox for questions.
  6. Try to answer any questions you receive from customers or potential customers within 24 hours. Don’t lose potential customers because you waited too long to respond.
  7. Make sure the fitness level you add is accurate to the customer you are trying to target.

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