All it takes for a personal trainer to start an online business is to build up some great workouts programs through WeStrive. At WeStrive, we make it easy to build and publish your very own workout programs to sell! We connect you to a global fitness community, instantly increasing your customer reach and growing your training business. Let's show you how.

When you log into WeStrive for the first time you will see your home page. First things first, add a photo of your personal training certificate:

How to create your program:

You can go into the programs tab and on the top right corner, you will see a Create Program button.

You’ll see a pop-up. Select Marketplace as your category and enter your Program title. Always use a title that makes very clear what type of training program you are selling.

You will then want to upload a photo that will be the cover photo, the customer will see, for your program. Again, like the title try and use an image that conveys what you are selling.

You’ll be asked to enter some information about your program. Make sure to fill it out correctly based on the exercises that you will be asking your customers to do. (i.e. level of difficulty, type, etc.)

Once you hit continue you’ll be taken to the programs tab where you can see the program you just created. Now it’s time to add your exercise. Start by clicking on Add Week to add exercises to the first week of your program.

Want to get certified?

We have a partnership with the incredible certification, NASM. Head to to get started and use code WESTRIVE25 to get 25% off all certifications.

If you have any questions reach out to our support team at

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