If you need to delete a client, it's simple. Remember, however, that any data on a deleted client is removed from our database and can not be retrieved.

How to delete a client:

1. Log in to Train.westriveapp.com

2. Click on the Clients tab on the left side menu bar

3. Click into the client you would like to remove.

4. On the top navigation bar, you'll see a tab labeled Settings

5. In the right top of the page, you will see an information box labeled Personal Settings with the option to remove your client.

6. Once you click on Remove Client you'll be asked to confirm if you would like remove the client.

7. Once you say, I am sure, you will get a confirmation that your client has been removed.

You should no longer see your removed client on your client list.

If you have any questions please contact the WeStrive support team at Help@westriveapp.com.

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