WeStrive was created to help you manage your entire client's progress end-to-end, including invoicing your client and transferring a client's payment straight into your bank account. Every private training account comes with a FREE Stripe billing account.

Step 1 to getting paid is to create an invoice for your client(s).

You can do this in a few different ways. All options will be done on Train.westriveapp.com.

1st Way: From the Clients tab, choose a client. In your client's profile click on the Billing tab from the top navigation. Click the Create Invoice button in the middle of the page.

This will allow you to select a one-time or monthly invoice, title your invoice, and then to enter the amount (see image below). Once you have entered the information click submit and this sends your invoice to your client.

2nd Way: Under the Sales tab in the left side menu bar, find and click on the Billing section on the top navigation. At the top right-hand corner click the Create Invoice button. This will allow you to choose the client you want to bill, the title of the invoice, and the amount. Hit submit and your invoice has been sent to your client!

3rd and the easiest way: You can create a client invoice right from your Home Dashboard. When you log into Train.westriveapp.com you'll be automatically taken to the Home tab. You should see a billing section as a part of your dashboard. It will ask you which client you want to send an invoice to. Choose your client from your drop-down list. Once you chose a client it will automatically ask you to provide the title of the invoice, decide whether it's one time or monthly, and then enter the amount. Hit submit and your invoice will be sent to your client.

In each of these cases, your client receives an invoice in their WeStrive account. They are asked to have a credit card on file, and with one click can pay your invoice.

Getting paid out

To get paid out, meaning you can take the cash balance from your WeStrive account (what your clients have paid you and/or the money you make on sold Marketplace programs):

1. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the Withdrawl Fund section.

2. Click on the Withdrawl button (see image below) and the balance will be sent to the debit card you have added to the account.

And that's it! If you have any questions or issues, please contact Help@westriveapp.com.

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