The idea of adding your in-person clientele to WeStrive is to save you a significant amount of time in the long run. All of your client's programming can be easily built, organized in one central place, and immediately distributed to your client's device. Think of how easy this will be when your client goes on vacation or leaves the city?

Plus, with our next update, you'll actually be able to use your client's journal right from your trainer login for the WeStrive mobile app.

Handling billing with clients is also streamlined for in-person. Instead of paying through cash or payment apps, you can have all of your income billed and filtered through one location.

Finally, you can track your client's progress through their Client Portal. Track their bodyweight, organize their progress photos, record all their measurements, track their daily nutrition intake, and so much more.

We're confident you'll enjoy having the billing, progress tracking, and program management all in one place for just a few bucks a month per client.

Even though we're not your client, We'll do the heavy lifting ;-)

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