Your client's success is your success. The incredible experience your client will have is one of the main reasons to start working with WeStrive. We've spent years building the training software and a huge focus has always been on making the client experience the best it can possibly be.

Below, for example, is what your client sees when they follow a circuit that's in their program. Instead of having to view/pull up/print a PDF or Excel document, through WeStrive, your client receives a fully-interactive program to follow right from their phone.

When the information is filled out on the phone, it's immediately uploaded to their Progress - Journal for you to track on their profile.

The following are just a few of the benefits your client receives through WeStrive:

  1. Their own mobile app and website profile
  2. Progress tabs to track their: Daily Nutrition Intake, Workout Journal, Personal Records, Progression Photos, Bodyweight Tracker
  3. Instant and reliable billing through Stripe
  4. Social profile within WeStrive
  5. And so much more!

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