As a trainer, you can track your client's progress by going to and clicking on the Progress tab within their profile. Keep in mind, your clients can record their progress as well from the website and mobile app.

  1. Select Clients in the left side menu bar
  2. Click on a client
  3. Select the Progress drop-down in the top navigation bar.
  4. You can also click Measurements to track an endless list of client measurements

The Progress tab allows you to track 5 things for your client:

1) Daily Nutritional Intake - A big update is coming to this section within the next year

2) Workout records - Example: Tracking 1-rep max for Barbell Back Squat over time (so this does not need to be daily)

3) Workout Journal - Records their daily workouts. When you assign them a program and they follow it on the WeStrive App, the program information is automatically added. They can enter their information as they complete each exercise.

4) Bodyweight - Your clients can utilize this bodyweight graph to track how their body weight has changed over time.

5) Progression Photos - Track all of your client's progression photos. Clients can upload progression photos from either their website or the WeStrive app. Photos are broken down into four categories (Front, Back, Legs, Side) and can be sorted by date as well.

At WeStrive, we're always working for you so let us know what improvements you want to see in the next update!

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