Client OnBoarding is a combination of reducing liability for WeStrive/Trainers by asking medical/health questions and to give the ability/convenience to trainers to ask whatever questions they want about potential future clients.

Onboarding is only available if you allow the public to apply to train with you through the website and WeStrive App. To turn this feature on, head to Settings in the sidebar, stay in the General tab, and across the screen from Private Training, you'll see an on/off switch.

To allow exercisers to apply to train with you, Enter the following information:

  • The city you live in - This will get more advanced as we get more users
  • The price you typically charge for one-month of online training - Exercisers know prices will vary
  • Your top three training skills/focuses - Example: Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Yoga, etc.

The best part? When you receive their application, all of the Onboarding questions are already filled in so you don't have to ask a million questions back and forth. WeStrive will ask them general information/medical questions and you can ask them any questions you want.

To get to your onboarding questions, head to Clients in the sidebar, Click the Onboarding tab, select Trainer's Questions, and get started adding your questions!

Once they apply, you'll notice a number highlighted on your Clients tab. Click the tab and then select Pending in order to see the application. You have the choice to either approve or deny the client after viewing all of their Onboarding questions.

Once approved, that person is now your client! Message them in the inbox to get started.

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