Yes! While we won’t directly market to clients for you, our mobile app and website are both social platforms with 'Apply to train with me' buttons all over the place.

We connect you to a global fitness community, instantly increasing your customer reach and growing your training business. Plus, our team is here to help you create, manage, and sell your online training programs.

WeStrive will allow exercisers around the world to either discover you on the app/website or discover your program on the in-app marketplace. When exercisers discover you, they have the ability to apply to train with you, thus adding more clients to your business!

The best part? When they apply to train with you, they are required to fill out a series of Onboarding questions that are suggested by WeStrive and curated by you. We provide/ask them general information/medical questions and you can add any additional relevant questions you want.

Once they apply, you'll notice a number highlighted on your Clients tab. (See image above) Click the tab and then select Pending in order to see the application. You have the choice to either approve or deny the client after viewing all of their Onboarding questions. Once approved, that person is now your client! Message them in the inbox to get started.

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