Adding a program is easy! We're happy to walk you through it.

When you log into you will see your dashboard.

On the left side menu bar, is a Programs tab. You can add a program by clicking on the Programs tab. Then click Add Program in the top right of the page.

Once you click Add Program, you will be taken through the create program flow starting with the below screen.

  1. Give your program a title
  2. Choose if you want to use a template or not
  3. List the Program Type (weight loss, 30-day onboarding plan, etc.)
  4. Average time per day
  5. Write up a quick description of the program (this plan is going to get you started...)
  6. Hit 'Confirm' and you're ready to get started!

Simply start adding weeks on the right side of your screen and your good to go!

Once the program is ready, just hit 'Assign Program' and attach it to one of your clients.

If you have any additional questions or issues, feel free to reach out to

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